Aberdeen UK, 18 to 22 February 2019

We're bringing our famous Intro to Geocomputing course to Aberdeen! 

The course starts with basic Python syntax, and works all the way through to cutting-edge machine learning tools. It is fully hands-on and uses geoscience examples using real industry data sets. The course is suitable for both new and intermediate programmers — everyone is welcome!

The curriculum will be spread over five days, as follows:

Day 1      On the first day we will meet Python's syntax and built-in functions. At the end of Day 1, you will have met most of the language, and all the basic components of general computer programs.

Day 2     We'll explore NumPy's n-dimensional arrays, which form the basis of most scientific computing applications. We will also meet some of SciPy's scientific computing tools.

Day 3     We will continue to build on the material from days 1 and 2 as students develop a deeper knowledge of the scientific Python stack. We'll make plots, read LAS and SEG-Y files, process images, read CSVs, and save data files.

Day 4     We'll explore Pandas and Scikit Learn for simple machine learning tasks using geoscience data. After this day, students will have a good overview of how to load and interrogate large data sets and know how to apply a range of state-of-the art machine learning tools.

Day 5 This is what you’ve been working towards! Spend Friday working on your own projects, with support and encouragement from us. We’ll set you on course to complete a small project to carry you up the learning curve after the course is finished.

Click here for a detailed curriculum. We will be using material from Modules 1, 2, and 5.

Regular price: USD 2600 (about GBP 2030) — purchase below, or we can invoice you.
Student price: USD 460 (about GBP 360)

Norwood Hall Hotel

Garthdee Road, Cults
United Kingdom 


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