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Introduction to geocomputing

Over 160 people have taken our introductory Python course, aimed specifically at geoscientists and engineers. We only use familiar data and workflows, so participants are writing useful code from the start. By the end of the course, students are able to write short Python programs and use state-of-the-art numerical computing tools. 
Basic rate USD ?/person per day

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Next steps in geocomputing

Four modules that get you started on the basics of geocomputing: Principles of geocomputing, Scientific computing, Practical programming, and Applications. Each module builds on the ones before it, but they are distinct enough to be taken individually. It's possible to get through a module in 1 day, but most people find the pace quite high — 2 days is better.
Basic rate USD ?/person per day

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Machine learning for geoscientists

In Modules 5 and 6, explore the packages for machine learning tasks using geoscience data examples, and gain a good overview of how to look at large datasets and solve problems with state-of-the-art data science tools. Build on newly-established skills and code patterns, learn some of the recipes we use often, and get to know the algorithms inside the tools we use every day.
Basic rate USD ?/person per day


In-house hackathon - Module X

Everything above was just leading to this. Our goal is for you to leave the class with a clear idea of how to approach your app, the tools that will help you get there, and the beginning of the actual application. Armed with these things, you have a high chance of success. Have fun with this self-directed course.
Basic rate USD ?/person per day


Scientific communication for geoscientists

Scientific writing has changed. We will discuss our own reading habits, establish some principles of engaging writing, and apply these principles to our own projects. For academics and professionals, and from experienced writers to those considering writing for the first time, this is for anyone who writes, or wants to write, about the subsurface of the earth.
$5000 USD, one day, up to 10 students

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Creative Geocomputing

Do you feel stuck inside exploration software, mapping tools, or spreadsheets? Can't quite do what you really want to do? Constant workarounds and data wrangling? Do you just want to get to the science? We can help.
$5000 USD, one day, up to 8 students


Custom Courses

Standard courses tailored to fit your specific needs.
Basic rate + $2000 USD per day


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