Creative geocomputing (in-house)


Creative geocomputing (in-house)


1 day, price includes up to 8 students. Taught by Evan and/or Matt.

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The quoted price is for a single running of the course in-house, with up to 8 students. This is not the per-student price. Please contact us for other variants.

Do you feel stuck inside exploration software, mapping tools, or spreadsheets? Can't quite do what you really want to do? Constant workarounds and data wrangling? Do you just want to get to the science? We can help.

Come and learn to explore datasets, build what-if models, and make beautiful figures. We will get you started in scientific computing, without a lot of confusing jargon or scary mathematics. It's not about building big software projects and becoming a programmer, it's about creating the right tool, the right visualization, at the right time.

What you get:

  • Basic Python skills — everything you need to get started
  • Access to geoscience-specific Python code libraries
  • Interactive code textbook (iPython Notebook) with full examples and tutorials
  • Documentation and links for utilizing Python’s powerful open source code libraries
  • Dozens of sample programs and source code tutorials that you can incorporate into your own work