Writing for geoscientists (in-house)

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Writing for geoscientists (in-house)


1 day, price includes up to 10 students. Taught by Matt.

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The quoted price is for a single running of the course in-house, with up to 10 students. This is not a per-student price.

Scientific writing has changed. Ubiquitous internet, new technology, collaborative tools, and short attention spans have created challenges and opportunities for every scientist. So a lecture on technical writing is not what is needed. Instead, we will discuss our own reading habits, establish some principles of engaging writing, and apply these principles to our own projects. During the one-day course, we will: 

  • discuss what makes writing enjoyable and informative for readers;
  • practise a range of technical skills for writing in print or online;
  • touch on manuals, theses, articles, books, wikis, and blogs;
  • list dozens of tips for actually getting things written and submitted.

We will complete short exercises throughout the day, and provide feedback to each other. Students are encouraged to bring examples of their past or present work for class discussion and feedback, or notes on planned writing projects. Participants will receive a manual, with quick reference guides on select technical topics from grammar to mathematical symbols.

The intended audience is anyone who writes, or wants to write, about the subsurface of the earth. It’s suitable all writers, from academics to professionals, and from experienced writers to those considering writing for the first time.