Houston TX, 4 to 8 March 2019

We're bringing our famous Intro to Geocomputing course back to Houston! 

The course starts with basic Python syntax, and works all the way through to cutting-edge machine learning tools. It is fully hands-on and uses geoscience examples using real industry data sets. The course is suitable for both new and intermediate programmers — everyone is welcome!

The curriculum will be spread over five days, as follows:

Day 1      On the first day we will meet Python's syntax and built-in functions. At the end of Day 1, you will have met most of the language, and all the basic components of general computer programs.

Day 2     We'll explore NumPy's n-dimensional arrays, which form the basis of most scientific computing applications. We will also meet some of SciPy's scientific computing tools.

Day 3     We will continue to build on the material from days 1 and 2 as students develop a deeper knowledge of the scientific Python stack. We'll make plots, read LAS and SEG-Y files, process images, read CSVs, and save data files.

Day 4     We'll explore Pandas and Scikit Learn for simple machine learning tasks using geoscience data. After this day, students will have a good overview of how to load and interrogate large data sets and know how to apply a range of state-of-the art machine learning tools.

Day 5 This is what you’ve been working towards! Spend Friday working on your own projects, with support and encouragement from us. We’ll set you on course to complete a small project to carry you up the learning curve after the course is finished.

Click here for a detailed curriculum. We will be using material from Modules 1, 2, and 5.

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