The subsurface hackathons we run are the only events of their kind in the oil & gas space. They get a decent amount of attention from the professional societies and the community at large. We also blog extensively about the event; the blog gets about 15,000 pageviews and 6,000 unique visitors per month at the moment.

Geophysics Hackathon, Houston
Fri 22 to Sun 24 September 2017

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Hackathons rely on sponsors, it's as simple as that. The hackers are giving their time, and give almost all of what they make to the community. They need coffee, pizza, Wi-Fi, and somewhere to sit... and that's where the sponsors come in. 

What's in it for you? Enhancement to your reputation as a fearless champion of the future. Access to the most creative and talented quantitative geoscientists in the world. The chance to mentor the teams and be among the first to see the software they create. A slice of pizza. An awesome T-shirt.

We appreciate your financial support at any level. Please call Matt on +1–902–980–0130 or get in touch by email.

Molybdenum $10,000 (1 available)

  • Large logos on the wiki and blog, and in the event movie
  • Time to talk to the participants about your organization, if you want it
  • 2 judges or 2 teams in the hackathon
  • Everything below

Gold $2000 (4 available)

  • Logos on the wiki and blog
  • Identification in the event movie with a logo
  • A banner or signs (sponsor provided) at the event if you wish
  • Logo on any swag provided to participants
  • Send a judge or a team to the event
  • Everything below

Silver $1000

  • Identification on the wiki and the blog
  • A mention in the event movie credits
  • Participant swag, including the famous T-shirts

Awesome $0

  • Just show up! We love getting support from interested visitors.

We appreciate your financial support at any level. Please call Matt on +1–902–980–0130 or get in touch by email