Name and logos

The Agile logo, its colours, and the star device are trademarks. Please refer to the company as Agile (our preference), or Agile Scientific.


Main logo for light backgrounds

The Agile logo for light backgrounds. Different versions of the same file:


Main logo for dark backgrounds

The Agile logo for dark backgrounds. Different versions of this file:




DARK GREY — RGB: 38, 38, 38 — Web: #262626;
DARK BLUE — RGB: 50, 83, 150 — Web: #325396;
LIGHT BLUE — RGB: 20, 175, 202 — Web: #14AFCA;
WHITE — RGB: 255, 255, 255 — Web: #FFFFFF;



Please see the Our team page for headshots and bios of the Agile team.