This document describes the information we collect about you, and how you can control what happens to it. 

The information provided only applies to our web site and does not concern any web sites that may be visited by you via external links on this site.

What kind of information do we collect?

In general, we collect 3 kinds of data: cookies, contact information, and event reporting. Cookies act like memory for a website, e.g. remembering preferences or cart contents. Contact information is data you volunteer to allow us to contact you and deliver our events and services. By 'event reporting', we mean that we write about events we're involved in, and may name actual people or show images of them.


We collect some information from you while you browse the site. We set 1 cookie that is strictly necessary for the functioning of the site: crumb records a non-personal session ID. This site is built on a Squarespace standard platform. The technical data of navigation are handled independently by squarespace.com according to its policy described on the site http://www.squarespace.com.

Squarespace also sets various cookies, called ss_<something> to control some of the behaviour of the site (e.g. remembering that you clicked the Accept button), as well as analytics (site usage) data.

In addition, we use Google Analytics for website traffic information. This involves setting 1 long-lasting, first-party cookie, _ga, and two short-lived cookies, _gat and _gid. These help us understand how you use the site. You can read more about how Google Analytics cookies work here.

Contact information

We also collect information from you directly. If you complete and submit a form on this site, or associated with one of our events on Eventbrite.com, you will be providing contact information and some personal information. We assume that you do this on the basis of a freely chosen, explicit, and voluntary option. Sending forms entails acquisition of the address you provide, which is necessary in order to reply to any request, as well as of such additional personal data as is contained in the form(s).


In our reporting about events in our community, we aim to be as factual and respectful as possible. We use people's names and organizational affiliations, and might use photographs of them or images of their work. If you have questions or concerns about our reporting, please get in touch.

Why do we collect information?

We use cookies to manage the agilescientific.com website, as described above.

We use contact information to provide you with our services — blog content via email, training courses, hackathon and other events, and so on. If you register in our events, we need the contact information in order to communicate with you about the events. 

We use factual reporting to help spread relevant technical news in our community.

Who has access to your information?

The employees of Agile Scientific have access to the information you provide.

Various third parties provide online services with which we manage your data. for example, we use Google Analytics, Eventbrite, Mailchimp, and Google Docs. We do this securely and do not share access details with others.

We will not share your information with any other parties.

How do we store information?

We store information in Google's Drive environment. The documents are populated directly from Squarespace, and only accessible by named individuals. The documents are private, and require authentication in Google Drive. You can read Google's Privacy Policy here. The data in Google Drive are not copied anywhere else, or shared with any other parties.

We manage email lists securely at Mailchimp.com. Only Agile employees have access to our account. You can read Mailchimp's privacy policy here.

We manage event information securely at Eventbrite.com. Only Agile employees have access to our account. You can read Eventbrite's privacy policy here.

We publish our reporting on agilescientific.com using the Squarespace.com platform. Only Agile employees have publishing rights on our website, however the content is open for anyone to read, and openly licensed for anyone to re-use. You can read Squarespace's privacy policy here.

Opting out

You do not have to provide personal information to us to use this site. However, if you wish to register for a course, or stay informed about future events, you do need to provide your details via one of the forms on the site. We need this information to contact you.

If you have provided information to us and wish to withdraw it, you can contact the data controller at hello@agilescientific.com with your request.