Geophysics Sprint 2018

For immediate release Oct. 2, 2018


Agile to host first 'geophysics sprint' in October 2018
Event focuses efforts around open source projects

Mahone Bay, Nova Scotia: Agile Scientific, based in Mahone Bay, Nova Scotia, is excited to announce that it will host its first code sprint in Anaheim, California on October 13th and 14th, 2018.

A code sprint is a type of hackathon in which efforts are focused around a small number of open source projects. They are related to, but not really the same as, sprints in the Scrum software development framework. They are non-competitive—the only goal is to improve the software in question, whether it's adding functionality, fixing bugs, writing tests, improving documentation, or doing any of the other countless things that good software needs. Organizer Matt Hall says,

Agile has been hosting hackathons for years. These usually spawn about 10 new projects, but most of them don't have a life after the hackathon. This year, we wanted to try something new, and see what a difference our community of digital scientists can make to some existing open source projects. We hope the event continues to evolve how subsurface software is conceived, developed, and improved.

During the event, participants will be hacking on 3 projects:

Devito: a high-level finite difference library for Python. The project needs help with code, tests, model examples, and documentation.

Bruges: a simple collection of Python functions representing basic geophysical equations. It needs more equations, better docs, and better tests. The project is basic enough for anyone to contribute to it, even a total Python newbie.

G3.js: a JavaScript wrapper for D3.js, a popular plotting toolkit for web developers. Experience with JavaScript is a must.

The event is supported by Dell EMC (NYSE:EMC) and Enthought, enthusiastic champions of change in science and industry. It will be held at a small joint called MAZ Café Con Leche, located in Santa Ana about 15 minutes from the Anaheim Convention Center where the SEG Annual Meeting is happening the following week.

If you are interested in finding out more, please get in touch.


About Agile: We are a scientific computing company that operates all over the world. We love data and specialize in solving subsurface problems in the natural resources industries. We have expertise in machine learning, geophysical interpretation, seismic modelling, geodata manipulation, uncertainty analysis, and knowledge management. Our domain includes conventional petroleum resources, oil sands, shale gas, mining, and geothermal energy. If you have a tough subsurface problem, call us.

For further information, interviews, and publication-quality photographs, please contact Matt Hall at 902.980.0130 or write us at Visit to see more of what we do.