Welcome to Agile*

In late August, my family and I spent a week in Chester, Nova Scotia. Beautiful little seaside town. Incredible weather. And the Multiple Listing System. We decided to look at some houses, around Chester, Mahone Bay, and Lunenburg. So gorgeous! So old! So inexpensive! We'd already looked at a few online, of course, talking about the options. Reduce our mortgage(s). Work from home, Enjoy the outdoors, the sea, the community. 

Next thing you know, we've made an offer on an amazing house, had it accepted, talked to a mortgage broker, and changed our lives completely. Our happy, safe, healthy, wealthy life in Calgary, Alberta. In our beautiful, much-loved, unique house. Where my fun, exciting, interesting, well-paid-with-great-benefits job is. Or was, because I quit last Thursday and in two weeks we're moving, jobless, to the other side of the continent to see what life is like in the slow lane.

And I can't wait!