Tell more about me

I thought a neat way to highlight my experience and career interests would be to make up a word cloud from the text in my resume. It's a map of the significant words describing my professional life. Try it out on yourself, and who knows, you might learn to look at yourself in a whole new way :)

When I look at this map, I wish a few words were bigger: business, value-adding, variety. However, I think they are growing!  Developed, is past tense.  I wish to continue to develop and innovate more and technologies and resources.  Problem-Solving; I feel like that is under-represented. Seismic and scholarship seem to be disporportionately large, but I guess I will have to grow other words to catch up with them. This word cloud has omitted places where I have done geoscience; Offshore Australia, Central Alberta, Athabasca Oil Sands, Finland, North SeaAtlantic Canada.  Words missing altogether; enthusiastic, creative, resourceful, a little geeky?