One week countdown

We're super-excited, dear reader. Even more than usual.

At the Calgary GeoConvention last year, we hatched a plan. The idea was simple: ask as many amazing geophysicists as we could to help us create something unique and fun. Now, as the conference creeps up on us again, it's almost ready. A new product from Agile that we think will make you smile.

Normally we like to talk about what we're up to, but this project has been a little different. We weren't at all sure it was going to work out until about Christmas time. And it had a lot of moving parts, so the timeline has been, er, flexible. But the project fits nicely into our unbusiness model: it has no apparent purpose other than being interesting and fun. Perfect!

In an attempt to make it look like we have a marketing department, or perhaps to confirm that we definitely do not, let's count down to next Tuesday morning, in milliseconds of course. Come back then — we hope to knock your socks at least partly off...