Normandy Unconference 2019

For immediate release March 7, 2019


Agile is hosting a new collaborative scientific event in May 2019
‘Unconference’ in France will include skill-shares and software development sprints

Mahone Bay, Nova Scotia: Agile Scientific is excited to announce that it will host TRANSFORM, a new collaborative scientific event in Normandy, France from 5–11 May 2019.

The event will create the perfect conditions for people to connect, share skills, and grow an open-source toolset in geoscience. The emphasis throughout will be on computational subsurface science and engineering, powered by openness and cooperation. Our goal is to accelerate innovation and entrepreneurship in the energy industry — by connecting people, building things, and having fun. Organizer Matt Hall says,

The geoscientific computing community is alight with ideas and activity right now. In particular, people are collaborating in the Python programming language, building new tools, sharing data, and exploring the possibilities of machine learning. This unconference provides a chance to make rapid progress on some core projects.

TRANSFORM is not a conference—it’s an extraordinary experience where participants will find an inclusive, welcoming community, enjoy open, candid conversation and purposeful collaboration, and develop high productivity. Each day will be packed with opportunities to learn skills, share ideas, and discover. Coders and non-coders are welcome; anyone can contribute.

For organizational support the event will draw from the Software Underground community — an open Slack team, also known as Swung, rooted in applied computational geoscience and the energy industry. With over 1200 members, Software Underground also provides a deep pool of potential participants from all over the world. Visit for more info.

We are seeking financial support from champions of open geoscience in our vertical, or potentially in nearby verticals. Agile has contacts at the handful of petroleum operators, service companies, and technology companies that see real value in an open software stack, and in a strong community. We are also seeking three 'founding partners' to help with funding, fundraising, organization, and to participate in the event. Those interested should email

TRANSFORM will include about 40 participants and take place in an outstanding location in Normandy, France called Château de Rosay. This residential seminar venue is not your average conference centre. The château is part of the Châteauform properties which specializes in hosting all-inclusive, fully catered corporate gatherings all over Europe. This is a place for doing extraordinary things.

If you are interested in finding out more, please get in touch.


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