Where on (Google) Earth #315

After a long break from this awesome game, I got WoGE #314 by simple recognition. I've never been to Florida, but have scoured the whole region looking for interesting modern analogs. So I have the honour of turning in the next edition; the time is 1100 ADT, 1400 GMT, or 44-07-07 ∇ 14:19:14 Lunar Standard Time. In case you're on the moon.

Where on (Google) Earth is the best way to tour the virtual globe since the mighty View-Master. If you are new to the game, fear not, it is easy to play. The winner is the first person to examine the picture below, find the location (name, link, or lat-long), and give a brief explanation of its geological interest. Please post your answer in the comments. And thanks to the Schott Rule, which I am invoking, newbies have a slight edge: previous winners must wait one earth hour for each win before playing—with a maximum of 48 (yes, some people are quite good at this game).

So: where and what the Dickens is this?