Petroleum cheatsheet

I have just finished teaching one semester of Petroleum Geoscience at Dalhousie University. It's not quite over: I am still marking, marking, marking. The experience was all of the following, mostly simultaneously:

  • scarily exposing
  • surprisngly eye-opening
  • deeply exhausting
  • personally motivating
  • professionally educational
  • ultimately satisying
  • predominantly fun

Lucrative? No, but I did get paid. Regrettable? No, I'm very happy that I did it. I'm not certain I'd do it again... perhaps if it was the very same course, now that I have some material to build on. 

One of the things I made for my students was a cheatsheet. I'd meant to release it into the wild long ago, but I'm pleased to say that today I have tweaked and polished and extended it and it's ready. There will doubtless be updates as our cheatsheet faithful expose my schoolboy errors (please do!), but version 1.0 is here, still warm from the Inkscape oven.

This is the fifth cheatsheet in our collection. If you find a broken link, do let us know, as I have moved them into a new folder today. Enjoy!