Where on (Google) Earth #272

I got WoGE #271 by the well-established lucky guess method. Some people mightn't think this is a method sensu stricto, but I will take what I can get. So I unabashedly declare victory and bring you number 272, fresh out of the oven; the time is 1600 AST, 2000 GMT.

Where on (Google) Earth is the best way to get a repetitive strain injury since interpreting seismic data. If you are new to the game, it is easy to play. The winner is the first person to examine the picture below, find the location (name, link, or lat-long), and give a brief explanation of its geological interest. Please post your answer in the comments. And thanks to the Schott Rule, which I am invoking, newbies have a slight edge: previous winners must wait one earth hour for each previous win before playing.

So: where and what on Google's green earth is this?