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New site for seismic related work

There is a new job site for the seismic and geophysical industry called Seismic Works. Search for jobs, post jobs, advertise, or find crews, vendors, or equipment. Still very much in its early days, the site is nicely designed and very full-featured. You can also connect with SeismicWorks on Facebook. We look forward to seeing more sites and social connectors like this in our community.

SonicScope, a new real-time geophysical tool

Schlumberger has introduced a new logging-while-drilling tool called SonicScope that can be run directly behind the bit while drilling. The tool has potential to improve rock mechanics measurements and fracture identification by getting to the borehole wall immediately after penetration, minimizing the effects of washout and invasion. Real-time sonic measurements could enable pore pressure monitoring, time-to-depth information for seismic-well ties, and borehole damage assessment. We hope to see technology like this increase the relevance of rock physics. 

Geophysicist on last shuttle

Fellow geoscientist Andrew Feustel will be flying on space shuttle Endeavour's last trip into orbit. Andrew has an MSc in Geophysics from Purdue University in Indiana, USA, and a PhD in seismology from Queen's University in Ontario, Canada. He's even a fully paid-up member of the American Geophysical Union and the Society of Exploration Geophysicists. In addition to his scientific prowess, Andrew brings considerable mechanical tinkering skills, and will serve as the crew's repairman during the voyage. You can read more about him on his NASA profile page. Good luck, Andrew!

Nexen joins Marathon to explore shale gas in Poland

Canadian based Nexen Inc. will acquire a 40% working interest in ten of Marathon Oil's land agreements in Poland's Palaeozoic shale. Nexen brings experience in unconverntional drilling and completion technologies and shale gas experience from their assets in the Horn River shale in British Columbia, Canada. Europe's development of shale gas resources are complicated by population density, but activty in Poland's shale gas resources is evolving rapidly in the wake of successful shale plays in North America. Read more about the deal.

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