Where on Google Earth #252

Felix Bossert stumped us with one of the most unusual geomorphologies on the planet with WoGE #251 last week. The  sub-parallel elongate low-sinuosity (OK, wormy) features, reminiscent of a fingerprint, turned out to be the acidic dregs of a salt lake in Western Australia. 

Where on Google Earth, the brilliant brainchild of clasticdetritus, is the best use of satellite imagery since looking at homes and gardens of the rich and famous. If you are new to the game, it is easy to play. The winner is the first person to examine the picture below, find the location (name, link, or lat-long), and give a brief explanation of its geological interest. Please post your answer in the comments. Thanks to the Schott Rule, which I hereby invoke, newbies have a slight edge: previous winners must wait one hour for each previous win before playing.

Where and what on Google's blue earth is this?