Where on Google Earth #259

I got WoGE #258 by the skin of my teeth, as I found the location but failed to fully identify the feature. I got the country rock right, but the igneous one wrong. As a soft rock chap, I consider this to be a technicality. Luckily, so did Metageologist Simon, the host. So I humbly accept my failings as a geoscientist and offer you the next instalment: number 259, and hereby post it at 1300 AST, 1700 GMT. 

Where on Google Earth is the best use of your lunch-break since Worms Reinforcements (the only computer game I ever wanted to play twice). If you are new to the game, it is easy to play. The winner is the first person to examine the picture below, find the location (name, link, or lat-long), and give a brief explanation of its geological interest. Please post your answer in the comments below. And thanks to the Schott Rule, which I am invoking, newbies have a slight edge: previous winners must wait one hour for each previous win before playing.

So: where and what on Google earth is this? (There are quite a few interesting things here, both geomorphologic and geologic; see how many you can get!)