Where on Google Earth #248

Where on Google Earth is the best use of a coffee break since reading geoblogs. Despite not knowing much about the last one (no-one really knows how mima mounds form, even at Mima Mounds Natural Area, in Washington, USA), I happened to know where it was. So it is my honour, nay duty, to present WoGE #248. 

If you are new to the game, it is easy to play. The winner is the first person to examine the picture below, find the location (name, link, or lat-long), and give a brief explanation of its geological interest. Please post your answer in the comments below. And thanks to the Schott Rule, which I am invoking, newbies have a slight edge: previous winners must wait one hour for each previous win before playing. This seems punitive, given how quickly some WoGE's have been solved recently, but there it is. 

So crack open your favourite virtual globe, and good luck!