Where on Google Earth #266

Brian nailed Where on Google Earth #265. He doesn't have a blog of his own so he asked me to host it for him. So, over to Brian...

Much thanks go to Matt here for hosting this WoGE for me since I do not yet have a blog of my own. I'm already looking into options. This is just too much fun for a Google Earth addict like me.

Although this image is zoomed in pretty good I'll invoke the Schott Rule just to give newcomers like myself a chance. For those unaware, this means you must wait one hour for each previous WoGE win before you can post your answer. [Here are the previous winners in Ron Schott's KML file — Matt].

I've also hidden the orientation compass so you can safely assume North isn't necessarily at top. Can't make it too easy now, can we?

This one isn't just about the geology, but also the historical significance.

Please post responses in the comments. Posted at 0800 Atlantic, 1200 GMT.