News of the week

The AAPG Annual Convention and Exhibition was this week in Houston. Several companies took the opportunity to announce news. Here's a quick round-up.

Real time well-site mineralogy

Fugro Robertson, a UK-based subsidiary of Dutch company Fugro, introduced RoqSCAN™, a new well-site tool for real-time mineralogical analysis of cuttings. It seems to be a field-portable version of the same technology as their well-received QEMSCAN® lab-based product. Both systems are based on scanning electron microscope analysis. Exciting to see more quantitative tools for geologists. 

More gear for 3D imaging

Ingrain, the exciting 'digital rock physics lab', have bought another Carl Zeiss microscope. But not just any microscope, the AURIGA Crossbeam FIB/SEM, or focused ion beam and scanning electron microscope. Ion beams are useful because, since ions are relatively massive, they can be used to shave extremely thin layers from a rock. The SEM can build up a 3D image of the rock, as it is progressively ablated in this way. If you have never seen Ingrain's 3D images, check out their website for papers like this one (1MB PDF). Amazing.

New plug-ins for viz tool

TerraSpark Geosciences, Geoff Dorn's spin-off from the University of Colorado at Boulder, make a nice-looking piece of software called Insight Earth®. Based on ARCO/BP-funded technology, it's an integrated seismic interpretation tool that seems to have some interesting functionality (we've never seen it in action though). The news is that the company has signed an agreement with visualization gurus INT to develop plug-ins for Insight Earth. Very cool, but we can't help thinking (dreaming?) as we look around these sites: Why isn't any of this open source? 

LMKR go announcement crazy!

The Dubai-based consulting and software firm pwned AAPG, at least if your yardstick is press releases or social media presence (follow @LMKRNews). They are clearly growing aggressively, having taken on marketing and support of Landmark's very nice GeoGraphix software last fall. Watch out for them! Here's what they had to offer:

  • They are hooking up with Object Reservoir, physicist and Landmark co-founder John Mouton's new company, to deliver new shale gas services 
  • They have acquired Cambridge Petroleum Software's Velocity Manager software, for depth conversion functionality.
  • They are adding Scrybe's weirdly-named Convofy to GeoGraphix. What does that mean? We think this may be the most momentous announcement of the year: they have added social media functionality to an integrated interpretation suite. The platform is fully mobile and supports, among other things, microblogging, document sharing, and commenting. 

Even if you are skeptical about social media, please staunch your inner cynic just for a moment and please watch this video. Think about where this last innovation could lead our notions of teamwork, especially in distributed teams. We are excited!

This regular news feature is for information only. We aren't connected with any of these organizations, and don't necessarily endorse their products or services.