News of the week

We've had a couple of weeks off in the newsroom, making way for the Canadian Geoconvention in Calgary last week. But this week we're back with geoscience and technology news that has caught our beady eyes recently.

Bids called for three oil blocks off Newfoundland

The Canada-Newfoundland and Labrador Offshore Petroleum Board (CNLOPB) called for nominations on three exploration parcels: one in the Gulf of St Lawrence, a second near the northern tip of Labrador, and a third in the Flemish Pass region north of the Jeanne d'Arc Basin. Producing projects in the latter area are delivering about 263 000 barrels per day. Interested parties have until 15 November to submit a bid.

Perceptive Pixel's 27" tablet

Perceptive Pixel has just announced a brand new 27-inch multi-touch desktop screen that could redefine the personal workstation and transform the way we work with computers. This new product isn't totally new technology, but it should be much more affordable and 'desktop ready' than their previous, highly customized, offerings. We can't wait to see seismic data on this thing! 

CEO Jeff Han originally introduced this technology at a TED conference in 2006. To read more about the technology and the company, which already lists Chevron among its clients, check out the press release

Open prestack seismic

The Open Seismic Repository, curated by dGB Earth Sciences, has just made available the prestack gathers for the Penobscot 3D seismic volume. This is especially exciting for Canadians: the Penobscot data are from Sable Island, Nova Scotia. This data set is over 100 GB and just might be the largest freely accessible seismic data on the web. It's an exciting addition to the collection, which already includes a small subset of gathers (below). We hope interpretations and reprocessings of these data get shared back into the community. Openness FTW!

In other news, dGB Earth Sciences and ARK CLS have launched an OpendTect connector plug-in for Schlumberger's Petrel, so that OpendTect's leading commercial plug-ins can accessed by the Petrel community. The plug-in is available in Schlumberger's OceanStore.

This regular news feature is for information only. We aren't connected with any of these organizations, and don't necessarily endorse their products or services. OpendTect is a mark of dGB Earth Sciences, and Petrel and Ocean are marks of Schlumberger.