The evolution of open mobile geocomputing

A few weeks ago I attended the EAGE conference in Copenhagen (read my reports on Day 2 and Day 3). I presented a paper at the open source geoscience workshop on the last day, and wanted to share it here. I finally got around to recording it:

As at the PTTC Open Source workshop last year (Day 1Day 2, and my presentation), I focused on mobile geocomputing — geoscience computing on mobile devices like phones and tablets. The main update to the talk was a segment on our new open source web application, Modelr. We haven't written about this project before, and I'd be the first to admit it's rather half-baked, but I wanted to plant the kernel of awareness now. We'll write more on it in the near future, but briefly: Modelr is a small web app that takes rock properties and model parameters, and generates synthetic seismic data images. We hope to use it to add functionality to our mobile apps, much as we already use Google's chart images. Stay tuned!

If you're interested in seeing what's out there for geoscience, don't miss our list of mobile geoscience apps on SubSurfWiki! Do add any others you know of.