Geothermal facies from seismic

Here is a condensed video of the talk I gave at the SEG IQ Earth Forum in Colorado. Much like the tea-towel mock-ups I blogged about in July, this method illuminates physical features in seismic by exposing hidden signals and textures. 

This approach is useful for photographs of rocks and core, for satellite photography, or any geophysical data set, when there is more information to be had than rectangular and isolated arrangements of pixel values.

Click to download slides with notes!Interpretation has become an empty word in geoscience. Like so many other buzzwords, instead of being descriptive and specific jargon, it seems that everyone has their own definition or (mis)use of the word. If interpretation is the art and process of making mindful leaps between unknowns in data, I say, let's quantify to the best of our ability the data we have. Your interpretation should be iteratable, it should be systematic, and it should be cast as an algorithm. It should be verifiable, it should be reproducible. In a word, scientific.  

You can download a copy of the presentation with speaking notes, and access the clustering and texture codes on GitHub