A long weekend of creative geoscience computing

The Rock Hack is in three weeks. If you're in Houston, for AAPG or otherwise, this is going to be a great opportunity to learn some new computer skills, build some tools, or just get some serious coding done. The Agile guys — me, Evan, and Ben — will be hanging out at START Houston, laptops open, all say 5 and 6 April, about 8:30 till 5. The breakfast burritos and beers are on us.

Unlike the geophysics hackathon last September, this won't be a contest. We're going to try a more relaxed, unstructured event. So don't be shy! If you've always wanted to try building something but don't know where to start, or just want to chat about The Next Big Thing in geoscience or technology — please drop in for an hour, or a day.

Here are some ideas we're kicking around for projects to work on:

  • Sequence stratigraphy calibration app to tie events to absolute geologic time and to help interpret systems tracts.
  • Wireline log 'attributes'.
  • Automatic well-to-well correlation.
  • Facies recognition from core.
  • Automatic photomicrograph interpretation: grain size, porosity, sorting, and so on.
  • A mobile app for finding and capturing data about outcrops.
  • An open source basin modeling tool.

Short course

If you feel like a short course would get you started faster, then come along on Friday 4 April. Evan will be hosting a 1-day course, leading you through getting set up for learning Python, learning some syntax, and getting started on the path to scientific computing. You won't have super-powers by the end of the day, but you'll know how to get them.

Eventbrite - Agile Geocomputing

The course includes food and drink, and lots of code to go off and play with. If you've always wanted to get started programming, this is your chance!