October linkfest

From Hart (2013). ©SEG/AAPGIt's the Hallowe'en linkfest! Just the good bits from our radar...

If you're a member of SEG or AAPG, you can't have missed their new joint-venture journal, Interpretation. Issue 2 just came out. My favourite article so far has been Bruce Hart's Whither seismic stratigraphy in Issue 1. It included these excellent little forward models from an earlier paper of his — it's so important for interpreter's to think in this space where geological architecture and geophysical imaging overlap. 

Muon tomography is in the news again, this time in relation to monitoring CCS repositories (last time it was volcanos). Jon Gluyas, author of the textbook Petroleum Geoscience, is the investgator at Durham in the UK (my alma mater). I do love the concept — imaging the subsurface with cosmic rays — but I'm only just getting to grips with sound waves.

If you read this blog regularly, you probably have some geeky tendencies. We've linked to a couple of these blogs before, but they're must-read for anyone into technology and geoscience, with lots of code and workflow examples: 

Continuing the geeky theme, we've been getting more and more into building things recently. Check out our fiddling in GitHub (a code repository) — an easy way in is code.agilegeoscience.com. Watch this space!

Speaking of fiddling with code, you already know about the hackathon we hosted in Houston last month. But there's talk of repeating the fun at the AAPG Annual Convention, also in Houston, in April next year. Brian Romans has started a list of potential projects around digital stratigraphy — please leave a comment there or here to add to it. Where's the gap in your workflow?

A few more quick hits:

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Seismic models: Hart, BS (2013). Whither seismic stratigraphy? Interpretation, volume 1 (1), and is copyright of SEG and AAPG. The image from the Trowel Blazers event is licensed CC-BY-SA by Wikipedia user Mrjohncummings