Rock physics cheatsheet

Today, I introduce to you the rock physics cheatsheet. It contains useful information for people working on problems in seismic rock physics, inversion, and the mechanical properties of rocks. Admittedly, there are several equations, but I hope they are laid out in a simple and systematic way. This cheatsheet is the third instalment, following up from the geophysics cheatsheet and basic cheatsheet we posted earlier. 

To me, rock physics is the crucial link between earth science and engineering applications, and between reservoir properties and seismic signals. Rocks are, in fact, a lot like springs. Their intrinsic elastic parameters are what control the extrinsic seismic attributes that we collect using seismic waves. With this cheatsheet in hand you will be able to model fluid depletion in a time-lapse sense, and be able to explain to somebody that Young's modulus and brittleness are not the same thing.

So now with 3 cheatsheets at your fingertips, and only two spaces on the inside covers of you notebooks, you've got some rearranging to do! It's impossible to fit the world of seismic rock physics on a single page, so if you feel something is missing or want to discuss anything on this sheet, please leave a comment.

Click to download the PDF (1.5MB)